• Forensic Club 
    Deliberative speaking (in the legislative assembly), and epideictic speaking (in a ceremony or other special occasion). In common usage today, the term has developed a broader meaning. A modern dictionary defines forensic as an adjective meaning "suitable for public speaking or debate." In many parts of the United States, the plural forensics is used to refer to any extracurricular speech activity in both high school and college.

    To move Bound Brook High School into the 21st century, steps must be taken to improve the critical thinking skills of students and encourage students to actively participate in public speaking. In the spirit of Athenian democracy, Forensics Team encourages students to engage in a variety of public speaking methods including but not limited to:

    1. Congressional Debate 
    2. Cross-Examination Team Debate 
    3. Extemporaneous Speaking 
    4. Declamation 
    5. Interpretation (Dramatic, Humorous, Duo and Group) 
    6. Lincoln/Douglas Debate 
    7. Original Oratory 
    8. Public Forum Debate 

    Advisor: Jeff Salmeri