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Bound Brook School District
School Choice

The Bound Brook School District has been chosen by the State of New Jersey as a School of Choice

"Providing Better Educational Opportunities for Students and Their Families"

As applications are received they will be assigned a number. If more than the max number of applications are received, the number assigned to the application will be used for a group lottery of all grades and a waitlist will be developed. If we need to have a lottery, it will be held on Wednesday, December 19, 2018, at 2:00 pm in the BBHS Theatre.

Please click on the links below for information and application procedures
NJDOE’s Student Application Process for Parents and Students, with step by step instructions:
If your student is currently registered with his/her resident district, complete the Notice of Intent to Participate Form, submit it to your resident district by December 3, and obtain a signed receipt acknowledging that you submitted the form. Keep the receipt for your records. By law, a resident district must be informed if a student intends to participate in the choice program.

Transportation Note to Parents:

Transportation of choice students is not guaranteed. If a student is eligible for transportation (within 20 miles of the school) and the cost will exceed the maximum amount designated in the Annual Appropriations Act, the parent/guardian will be given aid in lieu of transportation and, in some cases, the option of receiving the transportation and paying the additional amount over the maximum. By Aug. 1, 2019, parents should receive notification of their transportation options from the resident district. For more information, read the Transportation Procedures for choice students.