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CogAT Form 7 Screening

CogAT Form 7 Screening

The CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) is a trusted test used to qualify children for gifted and talented programs. The test measures reasoning and problem solving skills in the areas of:


  1. Verbal
  2. Quantitative (mathematics)
  3. Spatial or non-verbal (using shapes and figures to solve problems)


This is not an achievement test or an intelligence test. Rather, it assesses reasoning abilities in the verbal, mathematical, and spatial arenas. 

A condensed version of the CogAT (CogAT 7 Screening Form) will be administered to students who are recommended as candidates for gifted and talented services and who meet the prerequisite requirements. The CogAT 7 Screening Form provides a fast, reliable, and valid data point for determining eligibility for gifted and talented services and is developed according to the same high standards of quality as the full form CogAT, consisting of the analogies portion of each Battery from the full form including: Verbal/Picture Analogies, Number Analogies, and Figure Matrices. 

Administration of the CogAT 7 Screening Form takes approximately 30 minutes and derived scores are available for the Composite, providing local and national comparisons. Students will be tested by district staff in their school building during the school day.