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The Bound Brook School District annually seeks to identify children from the ages of 3 through 21, residing in the Bound Brook, who may be at risk for learning disabilities.


Children in this age group who exhibit developmental delays in language, cognition, physical and/or emotional development, may be eligible for services from the public schools as a preschool disabled youngster.  If your child is determined to be potentially eligible for services, the Bound Brook School District will evaluate your child.  If the evaluation shows that your child has a potentially disabling condition, services will be provided by the Bound Brook School District.  For children who are determined to be eligible, services begin on their third birthday.  Parents who have concerns regarding their child’s development should contact the district when their child is 2 years six months of age.


If you suspect that your child has a disabling condition or would like further information, please contact the Department of Special Services at (732) 652-7980.  All public school districts in the State of New Jersey are required to provide these services.  If you live outside of the Borough of Bound Brook, please contact your local public school district.



Project CHILD Find: http://www.state.nj.us/education/specialed/childfind/fact_sheet.pdf

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