Bound Brook Board of Education Fact Finding/Negotiations

Recently, the Bound Brook Education Association sent out a flyer purporting to provide information about the state of negotiations with the Board of Education and the conditions in the School District.  This flyer did not accurately reflect the current status of negotiations or the state of the District.


The Board has offered the Association a very fair economic package, with a wage increase above the County average.


With regard to grievance arbitrations, the Association failed to mention that the BBEA, not the Board, has filed more than fifteen (15) grievances over the past four years and has had success with only two of those grievances.  In fact, in a recent instance, after again losing a grievance in Arbitration , the Association filed a complaint in Superior Court trying to vacate the Arbitrator’s decision.   After the Association’s complaint was rejected by the Superior Court Judge, the Association then filed an appeal with the Appellate Division.  These ongoing and meritless legal challenges, which the Board is forced to defend, do impose significant costs on the District in terms of both money and time. 


The BBEA has fought against planning time, articulation time, and student intervention time to take place during the contractual day, without any reduction in staff Prep time.  All of these activities benefit our students educationally.


The Board of education has reduced the tax levy by $750,000 the last two years in an effort to provide relief to the residents


While there were in fact a number of new hires this school year, this is reflective of the fact that the Board of Education has added 15 new teaching positions to keep low class size and increase academic options for all students, along with four new administrative positions. The  District enrollment has increased over the years by more than 500 students, thereby requiring additional staffing. The Board of Education has made difficult decisions regarding staffing and outsourcing. Each of those decisions are not made lightly, however the Board and Administration will not allow substandard teachers remain in the district.


The Bound Brook Board of Education has been more than willing to settle on  a new contract for its teachers and other employees and has proposed a very fair and very reasonable set of proposals for its employees. The Board is hopeful that the Association will give serious consideration to the proposals presented by the Board and that the two parties can reach an agreement.