Bound Brook School District Technology Night Resources

Parent Academy for Student Success: Session 1 Technology

  • Parent Academy for Student Success

    October 28th from 6 – 8pm

    High School Auditorium

    Focus: Technology



    A Parents Road Map to Protecting Their Children In the Digital World

    In an effort to educate and empower parents to keep a better watch over their children, the following presentation is being offered. During this 60-minute presentation, parents and community members will learn of the following danger areas:


    • Internet Safety – A Workshop For Cargivers
    • Review of Kids Current Issues, Sites and Apps
    • Teens and Social Media/ Technology
    • Connectivity & Devices
    • Digital Footprint and Detox?
    • The New Definition of Bullying/Cyberbullying
    • Structure of Technology – What Makes It Dangerous
    • Social Networking: Age Restriction, Privacy and Security Settings
    • Accidental Exposure & Pornography
    • Cyber-Bullying-Online Aggression
    • Psychological Fallout
    • The “Tech” Talk
    • Tips/Solutions for Parents/Software

    After being made aware of the dangers, parents will learn the tools presented to parents are the following:

    • Technology Monitoring Options (Computer and Mobile Phone) – Keeping an Eye On Your Childs Online Activity Designing Appropriate Usage of Technology for Your Family
    • Dealing with Psychological Repercussions of Exposure and Constant Connectedness
    • Techniques for Communicating With Children about Technology Dangers
    • What To Do If You Have an Incident – Where to Go for Help

    JOIN US:

    • Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2015
    • Location: Bound Brook High School Auditorium
    • Time: 6:00PM

    Length: 60 minutes with time allotted for questions

    This community program is sponsored by the Bound Brook Parent Academy for Student Success (PASS)


    Parent Technology Night Flyer  


    Websites and Information:


     Instagram What parents should know about Instagram

    Youtube What parents should know about YouTube