Name: Kelly Agoglia
    Position: Behaviorist
    Email Address: kagoglia@bbrook.org

    In case this is your first time visiting my website, my name is Kelly Agoglia and I am the behaviorist for the Bound Brook School District.

    Behaviorists play a unique role as part of a student support services team.  Our collaboration, commitment and consistency play a key role in attaining positive outcomes in learners who are in need of Applied Behavior Analysis.

    According to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Guidelines for responsible Conduct (Bailey & Burch, 2011), behavior analysts are committed to the organization they are serving.  Commitment comes in many forms.  As a behaviorist, we are committed to working with challenging students to increase positive outcomes and decrease problematic ones.  We are committed to working with teachers to develop positive reinforcement systems to be implemented in the classroom.  We are also committed to working together with paraprofessionals and other support personnel to ensure all parties are kept informed of student progress and continued changes to his programs.

    Behaviorists play a role in helping students to achieve and strive for positive outcomes.  Part of our job entails countless hours of training staff, analyzing data and changing interventions, updating programs that meet criteria, and yet another set of behaviors are under investigation.  We also understand our own personal limitations and make it a point to reach out to other colleagues in the field for support.

    The IEP team is comprised of a number of individuals who are there to support the student in need of services.  Each person brings their own expertise to the table and plays a key role in helping that student make progress.  Parents, teachers, case managers, learning consultants, speech therapists, occupational therapists, behaviorists, as well as any other team member must work together and collaborate to make sure we are all in agreement with the IEP.  Being able to work with one another will make for a positive work environment and will ensure the success of the student. 

    As a behaviorist, our main duty is to use research-based methods to provide individuals with the most up-to-date interventions to increase socially acceptable behaviors.  Training others to implement and follow through with interventions can be difficult and time-consuming.  As a behaviorist, our role is to train staff properly and in such a way that interventions can be carried out by all team members effectively.  Consistency is of utmost importance when implementing behavioral strategies.  The more consistent everyone is the better the outcome.