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Welcome to Cynthia Musso's  Page !
Welcome to 2016-2017 school year! 
In the past, I have taught Mathematics to middle school and high school students. I loved it! In class, students would frequently “apply” newly attained skills through project-based learning. Students would often be seen creating a catapult and launching gummie bears to measure the distance traveled! Students would build bridge from toothpicks and candy dots, comparing their strength. Students learn by doing!
Now I work for Special Services as a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDT-C).
Firstly, What is an LDT-C???  An LDT-C needs to be a former teacher that  takes care of the academic part of an individualized educational program. 
What are responsibilities as an LDT-C? The learning disability teacher consultant (LDT-C) is trained to determine the learning styles of students,  determine specific achievement levels in a variety of content areas, and to recommend specific teaching methods and strategies that may benefit a student. 
LDT-C's are  generally called upon to advise and/or model specific strategies and methods that may benefit students.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you son or daughter appears to be struggling!  Questions? Concerns? Please call or email!
Email Address:    Phone number: 732-652-7950 x3512